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The Importance of Engine Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Updated: Feb 23

There are several fluids that you need to be aware of in your car or light truck (we'd be happy to discuss these with you at any time). But, for now, let's focus on your car's heating and cooling system:

Heating and Cooling System Services

Failure of the heating and cooling system is the #1 cause of roadside breakdown, which is why heating and cooling system service is such an important part of maintaining your vehicle.

Your vehicle's engine generates a lot of heat. That heat can be beneficial because it warms up the engine to operating temperature and warms the oil so that it can circulate easily to lubricate vital engine parts. At the same time, if the heating system is not kept under control the engine can overheat and be severely damaged. If you notice that your vehicle is beginning to overheat, it's very important to have the heating and cooling systems checked as soon as possible to help avoid some of the worst engine damage and repairs.

We recommend having your heating and cooling system inspected regularly to help identify any possible problems before a component fails. Parts such as the radiator, hoses, cooling fans, water pump, and thermostat can wear out or begin to develop leaks. Bring your car or truck into one of our service centers or schedule an appointment to have one of our expert technicians inspect your entire heating and cooling system to make sure there are no problems.

Why Should You Flush and Refill Your Vehicle's Engine Cooling System?

Neglecting your vehicle's cooling system can and will lead to a progressive failure of engine components such as water pumps, internal engine gaskets, freeze plugs, and aluminum parts. Also, heater core and radiation leaks can occur. These failures can be costly to repair can result in being stranded!

You see, after about 2 years, the lubricants and additives in the antifreeze start to lose their effectiveness due to constant changes in engine temperature and electrical forces. A chemical reaction between engine coolant (flowing over different metals within the engine cooling system) and antifreeze will begin to react with the electricity of the numerous electrical components. This reaction will force a change in the pH balance of the coolant and change it to an acidic state, which in turn corrodes the engine metals and cooling system components, which causes premature parts failures, gasket leaks, and costly repairs.

Call or stop into any of our conveniently located Begley Auto Repair locations in the heart of Bradenton, FL. For over 50 years we've been trusted with your auto repair needs. We're your neighborhood shop that's always here to help keep you on the road or get you back out there as soon as possible!

New engine oil being added to a car engine


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