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Serpentine belt in a car engine compartment
Mechanic topping off fluids in a car

Our services at Begley Auto Repair cover everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. From fluids and fluid flushes to belts and hoses, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference.

Fluids, Fluid Flushes, Belts, and Hoses

Making  Your Car Last Longer and Ride Smoother

Having your fluids checked, exchanged, and replaced on a regular basis has a lot more to do with how much you'll enjoy your car than you might think.

Regular fluid maintenance increases your car's lifespan, helps it run as smooth as butter, and has the ability to significantly decrease the amount of times it needs to be repaired. 

But even more importantly: Every car is going to break down now and then, but employing a committed and regular regimen of fluid replacement and exchanging has the power to reduce these costs by orders of magnitude. Yes, it's that important!

And it goes without saying: oil is the lifeblood of your car. Lack of just this one fluid, should it run out, will cause your entire engine to seize up. There is NO coming back from this! You have to replace the ENTIRE engine to fix it, so don't let this happen to you.

Let Begley Auto Repair exchange those fluids so your car so your car stays nice and healthy! Contact one of our two conveniently located repair centers in the heart of Bradenton.

Fluids and Fluid Flushes

Most Bradenton, Florida breakdowns are related to belts, hoses, and cooling system problems.  Today's vehicles run hotter than ever before and have more packed into a tighter area than ever before. Belts and hoses are prone to cracking and deterioration from the elements. These items often crack, leak, or fray from constant exposure to heat, vibration, and other harmful chemicals.  If not properly maintained any one of these could spell disaster for your engine performance. Here are some of our recommendations to ensure belt and hose quality: 

Visual Inspection of Belts


  • Search for clear indications of damage (cracking, glazing, softening, or peeling)

  • Test for correct tension

  • Test for correct alignment

  • Record belt condition for future reference

Visual Inspection of Hoses

  • Search for leaks, cracks, hardening, or softening

  • Test cooling system for leaks using state-of-the art pressure technology

  • Record hose condition for future reference

Get your vehicle's belts and hoses inspected on a regular basis because damaged pieces can seriously harm your vehicle. Research shows that while most people get regular oil changes, they neglect the condition of their belts and hoses. A leaking hose or a cracked belt will cause you more trouble than an overdue oil change ever will.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the belts and hoses we inspect: 


Drive Belts:

The engine drives some of your vehicle's accessories. Instead of being supplied by electric power, these accessories rely on a series of pulleys and belts to operate. Some of these accessories include:

  • Power Steering Pump

  • Alternator

  • Air Conditioning Compressor

  • Radiator Cooling Fan

  • Water Pump

Some vehicles require a single serpentine belt to power these accessories (as opposed to several different individual belts). 


If you think of your hoses as your vehicle's circulatory system then you'll have an appropriate representation of their importance. Hoses are composed of two rubber layers with fabric in between. Types of hoses vary by make and model, but typically include:

  • Fuel Hose (sends gasoline from the gas tank to the engine)

  • Radiator and Heater Hoses (these hoses convey coolant to the engine and heater core)

  • Power Steering Hose (connects power steering pump to steering equipment)

Belts and Hoses

At Begley Auto Repair, we are committed to providing exceptional service to all of our customers. That’s why we have partnered with RepairPal to make scheduling your appointments as easy and convenient as possible. Trust us to take care of all your auto repair needs with professionalism and expertise.

We can maintain and repair all belts and hoses on cars and light trucks: 

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